Something matter with panel ?






Hi, everyone ビックリマーク

most visitors to our blog comes here with the following words.

“iPhone” “Blackout” “Siri works unexpectedly”

the problem is that Siri reacts(OS system works) but screen is black.

The reason of this may be because of

1. The panel does not work due to temporarily deficient of switch.

2. The panel is completely broken.

here is tips for resolving the issues;

数字 just try to connect battery charger to iphoneひらめき電球

数字 push both home button and power button over 30 secondsひらめき電球

if it reboots with apple logo on the screen, it is success.
you should backup all data with itunes.

when you do backup, it is better to set password and make the data encryption (pass locked). you can make your iphone current settings by using the backup.

try to do it!!






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